The investment community is waking up to the changing landscape of consumers and customers who expect companies to behave in a socially responsible manner. The potential returns for such firms are immense as the separation between responsible and irresponsible companies grows. Why invest in areas with no customers? We find out why this is such an important component of the commercial mix and highlight the investment houses flexing their muscle to change the world for the better

  January 07, 2021

Time for green swan investing?

The Bank of International Settlement has coined the phrase: ‘green swan’ event.’ Apparently this event could trigger a systemic financial crisis. But for investors, there is an opportunity to make money while simultaneously doing good....

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  January 06, 2021

Is BP now an ethical investment?

Earlier this year BP revealed plans to be 100 per cent carbon neutral by 2050. Does this mean that buying shares in the company now qualify as an ethical investment? And does this make BP a better or worse investment choice?...

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  December 17, 2020

Nvidia ARM merger is on the edge of creating another giant tech

Will Nvidia one day join the trillion-dollar club? Its recent purchase of ARM might help it get there, and the reason lies with a concept called Edge computing....

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  December 17, 2020

The word that explains why $2 trillion Apple is still undervalued

Insane or common sense: Apple is valued at over $2 trillion, but the upside is still not understood....

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