The investment community is waking up to the changing landscape of consumers and customers who expect companies to behave in a socially responsible manner. The potential returns for such firms are immense as the separation between responsible and irresponsible companies grows. Why invest in areas with no customers? We find out why this is such an important component of the commercial mix and highlight the investment houses flexing their muscle to change the world for the better

  April 29, 2021

Tech results justify last years surge in share prices

Latest results from Apple, Alphabet, Facebook and Tesla show that last years surge in their share prices was justified and that technology's impact on the world is indeed accelerating....

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  April 26, 2021

What is ESG? Why ESG will become a leader's main focus

What is ESG? ESG stands for Environment, Social, Governance, and is concerned with how companies behave and the footprint that they leave on the planet, society and its staff. We believe that this new business discipline will be the most critical role in any company in the years to come....

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  April 21, 2021

Why the economy after Covid will be a PLEB!

The western world’s economic recovery post-Covid, will be PLEB — productivity led economic boom. Growth will be at its highest level in decades, productivity will soar, inflation will be modest and emerging markets will do even better....

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  April 07, 2021

Bryan Ferry's Polydor rejection letter shows how disruptive technology confounds cynics

The letter was sent in 1971 but is only just getting the whole fanfare of publicity. So, it's a new addition to the list, but an old example. And we can all look back with the smugness that hindsight gives us, yet we do it, over and over again....

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  April 06, 2021

Sustainable IT: IT services companies re-define their 'reason to be'

It illustrates that companies – not only in the IT sector – are beginning to assume responsibility beyond the traditional expectation that "the sole purpose of a company is to generate profit", as stated by neoclassical economist Milton Friedman in the 1960s....

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  February 18, 2021

JLEN an environmental infrastructure investment fund has changed its investment policy to embrace ESG further

The group has revealed plans to embrace ESG further, focusing on Battery storage, vertical farms and electric vehicle charging infrastructure....

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