, January 28, 2022

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  Jan 21, 2022

ESG and making a profit?

ESG extracts a cost, but maybe it creates profit in the long run; maybe for a company with a long term horizon, ESG and profit maximisation is the same thing

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  Dec 06, 2021

Globalisation is not reversing; Metaverse will give it a new lease of life

Is globalisation going into reverse? Nial Ferguson has argued precisely that. We disagree. Thanks to the Metaverse current problems with globalisation are temporary.

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  Jan 22, 2022

Newsletter: Get ready for trouble

Will the wall of money collapse? What does this mean for valuations? The NASDAQ has already lost ten per cent, will it fall further? What about the Bitcoin price?

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  Jan 18, 2022

UK real wages fall will this spark-off inflation?

Real wages fell in the final quarter of 2021, official data shows, thanks to rising inflation. But does this mean inflation will rise further? It depends on inflation expectations, and it depends on technology.

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  Jan 27, 2022

Purpose! Is creating purpose for brands really good business?

Unilever likes to talk about brands with purpose, but the UK's slams the very idea. It's all a part of the ESG backlash, but is purpose really so purposeful?

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  Jan 25, 2022

ESG disruption: Some investors still fixated on quarterly results finds EY

A new EY survey reveals a clash between CEOs applying ESG and some investors who remain preoccupied with quarterly accounting.

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  Jan 28, 2022

Joe Rogen and Jordan Peterson feel the backlash; as science clashes with populism

Neil Young and now climate change advocates lay into Joe Rogen, following an anti-vaccine interview and then an interview with Jordan Peterson

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  Jan 24, 2022

Four day week: is it practical?

The UK is to trial a four-day week. But is it practical? How can companies afford it? Would a four-day week mean lower wages?

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  Jan 21, 2022

The Bitcoin bull and bear: who is right?

A leading financial advisor says inflation will drive Bitcoin skywards as India prepares for Bitcoin regulation, and Taleb says Bitcoin is worthless

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  Jan 19, 2022

Microsoft answers its 'call of duty' with Metaverse pincer movement

Microsoft's acquisition of Call of Duty games developer Activision marks its latest move into the Metaverse.

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