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  Mar 30, 2022

ESG isn’t about ethics; it’s about profit — is that right?

ESG and ethical investing are not the same thing. Instead, ESG is a particular investment strategy designed to make profit — is that right?

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  Mar 28, 2022

Will remote working and calls for four day week lead to people taking in 2 jobs?

The economy is in crisis; inflation is up, prices are rising faster than wages; what does this mean for remote working and calls for a four day week, and are we heading for a two jobs per person economy?

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  Sep 06, 2022

Liz's poisoned chalice and the hint of hope

The new British Prime Minister Liz Truss has been handed a poisoned chalice; it seems that she has a near impossible task — almost impossible, but not entirely.

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  Jul 05, 2022

Cut profits to pay workers: does it make sense?

The call is going to cut corporate profits to fund higher wages. But is this really a viable option?

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  Mar 14, 2023

The tyranny of rightwing snowflakes and far-right wokism

The right-wing snowflakes are at it again; wokeism is alive and well on the right wing.

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  Mar 14, 2023

Unconscious bias 1930s Germany and the BBC

Unconscious bias is something we are all subject to, but in the debate over asylum seekers and 1930s Germany, was Gary Lineker or the BBC guilty of unconscious bias?

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  Jan 25, 2023

The AI revolution is here

Why AI is like oxygen and electricity and why AI is cleverer and more creative than you think

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  Jan 20, 2023

The impossible conclusion about technology becoming less disruptive and why it is so dangerous

We live in an age of declining disruption, claims a new paper published a few weeks after ChatGPT was released. The biggest risk you can imagine is implicit in the conclusions.

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