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  Mar 30, 2022

ESG isn’t about ethics; it’s about profit — is that right?

ESG and ethical investing are not the same thing. Instead, ESG is a particular investment strategy designed to make profit — is that right?

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  Mar 28, 2022

Will remote working and calls for four day week lead to people taking in 2 jobs?

The economy is in crisis; inflation is up, prices are rising faster than wages; what does this mean for remote working and calls for a four day week, and are we heading for a two jobs per person economy?

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  Mar 23, 2022

Recession is unavoidable, then what?

A recession is unavoidable, at least in the UK, but how bad will it be and then what?

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  Mar 21, 2022

Eight per cent of people who have ever lived are alive today

There is a meme: more people are alive today than have ever died, but it isn't true. According to data from Our World in Data, 109 billion people have lived and died, but 7.9 billion people are alive today.

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  May 26, 2022

Net-zero is winning

Advances in renewables accelerated by the war in Ukraine mean that the shift to net-zero is winning. The ESG community needs to tell the world.

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  May 25, 2022

And so it begins: S&P ditches Tesla from ESG index, and it becomes polarising

Tesla has fallen out of the S&P 500 ESG index, and Elon Musk is spitting feathers. Some of Musk’s supporters are not too happy either — but there is a deeper issue.

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  Apr 18, 2022

Will Twitter under Musk illuminate democracy or throw it into darkness?

A war for free speech or a fight against fake news: money or idealism, the future of media, democracy and Twitter under Elon Musk.

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  Apr 12, 2022

China's pivot to becoming more self-sufficient lies behind disastrous new lockdowns

Shanghai is in lockdown, as are many other locations across China, and this time lockdowns are causing deep social unrest — China's m reliance on homegrown vaccines may be the problem.

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  Apr 21, 2022

Unstructured data, super.AI and putting humans in the loop

Why ‘human in the loop’ and specialised AI can help solve the problem of unstructured data.

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  Apr 12, 2022

UK government puts NIMBYs first as it shuns onshore wind

UK NIMBYs have thwarted the UK government's plan to dramatically increase onshore wind power; the result will be more expensive electricity and maybe fuel poverty for many. Oh yes, and there's climate change too.

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