, September 27, 2022

Clean Tech

Clean or Green technology articles, highlighting the ways in which our innovations in newer technologies and behaviours are changing the world.

  March 08, 2022

The case against nuclear power has just got stronger

The recent Russian attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine illustrates two more reasons, to join a long list, why nuclear power is such a bad idea....

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  March 02, 2022

Renewables are the means to defeat Putin

The greatest weapon the West has at its disposal in the new Cold War is economic, and that means renewables...

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  March 02, 2022

How ethical is BP’s ethical move, and does it matter?

BP is ditching Rosneft; BP plans to be net-zero by 2050, but are its attempts to embrace ESG ‘Beyond the Pale’?...

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  February 25, 2022

Can social media defeat Russia?

Vladimir Putin's imperialist ambitions can be thwarted by economic power and can be defeated by galvanising Russian people with social media as their friend....

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  November 03, 2021

Cop26: not enough carrots

Cop26 is too focused on the costs of net-zero on the climate change stick, and there is not enough focus on carrots....

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  October 07, 2021

The 'wind speed lie'

Slower wind speeds are the cause of the energy crisis, suggest analysts; here is the problem with this statement, there is precious little evidence to back it up...

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