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Clean or Green technology articles, highlighting the ways in which our innovations in newer technologies and behaviours are changing the world.


  January 15, 2024

Saving money and the planet— not a bad brace.

Ailsa Reliability Solutions: conditioned monitoring and reliability. has one simple mission: “to save clients money.”...

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  January 10, 2023

Solar revolution is back on thanks to falling cost of polysilicon

Last year reports suggested that the solar energy revolution was put into doubt by surging polysilicon costs, but now the price is falling....

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  January 06, 2023

Tech bubble! Are you kidding?

Whilst all around there is gloom and markets do a pretty good impersonation of someone falling off a cliff, technology changes the world....

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  January 04, 2023

The great hydrogen opportunity will create new industrial centres as Africa moves into pole position

The next two decades will see the emergence of a trillion-dollar hydrogen industry: watch Africa, Australia, the Americas and the Middle East, but it is Africa where the opportunity is especially significant....

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  March 08, 2022

The case against nuclear power has just got stronger

The recent Russian attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine illustrates two more reasons, to join a long list, why nuclear power is such a bad idea....

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  March 02, 2022

Renewables are the means to defeat Putin

The greatest weapon the West has at its disposal in the new Cold War is economic, and that means renewables...

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