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  January 10, 2023

Tesla — has the bubble burst, or is it still a disruptor?

Reasons to be bullish or bearish on Tesla — is the Tesla share price bubble over, or is Tesla still a disruptor?...

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  April 21, 2022

Unstructured data, super.AI and putting humans in the loop

Why ‘human in the loop’ and specialised AI can help solve the problem of unstructured data....

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  March 30, 2022

ESG isn’t about ethics; it’s about profit — is that right?

ESG and ethical investing are not the same thing. Instead, ESG is a particular investment strategy designed to make profit — is that right?...

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  March 28, 2022

Will remote working and calls for four day week lead to people taking in 2 jobs?

The economy is in crisis; inflation is up, prices are rising faster than wages; what does this mean for remote working and calls for a four day week, and are we heading for a two jobs per person economy?...

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  March 07, 2022

Russia bans Facebook — what irony!

Facebook and Twitter are banned in the country that used Facebook and Twitter to sow discontent and spread fake news in the West. Meanwhile, apps like Telegram have become new weapons of information....

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  March 02, 2022

How ethical is BP’s ethical move, and does it matter?

BP is ditching Rosneft; BP plans to be net-zero by 2050, but are its attempts to embrace ESG ‘Beyond the Pale’?...

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