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Money and finance fund the evolution. The outcomes of responsible investments are measured in numbers and the Stock Markets measure these successes through its own cold lens

  June 03, 2021

Meme investors in AMC are driven by ideology, will it end in tears?

Meme investing has done it again, this time driving up the AMC share price to a level some might call insane. But do these meme investors understand a truth that eludes Wall Street, or are they motivated by ideology?...

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  May 26, 2021

Group polarisation may explain Bitcoin sell-off, and it could be contagious

Whether Bitcoin is a bubble or not, a phenomenon called group polarisation could explain the recent sell-off, and technology could get caught up in the next phase....

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  May 13, 2021

Elon crashes Bitcoin

Is there an underlying problem with Musk's meddling, which affects millions of individual investors? At various points in the history of financial markets individuals have been accused of manipulating prices and ended up doing 'hard time'....

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  May 12, 2021

Markets panic but it's all a big misunderstanding

Markets are amidst a big sell-off; they fear a return of inflation and higher interest rates, but what we are actually seeing is precisely what we need. And the one factor they are not getting is technology....

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  April 29, 2021

Tech results justify last years surge in share prices

Latest results from Apple, Alphabet, Facebook and Tesla show that last years surge in their share prices was justified and that technology's impact on the world is indeed accelerating....

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  February 23, 2021

Markets sink as news on virus keeps getting better

With vaccines being rolled-out on both sides of the Atlantic, with Covid infection and death rates falling rapidly, markets decide they don't like all this good news and sell....

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