, January 28, 2022

Stock Market

Money and finance fund the evolution. The outcomes of responsible investments are measured in numbers and the Stock Markets measure these successes through its own cold lens

  January 06, 2022

Beware the CAPE — US equities look dangerously poised for a crash

Beware the CAPE. The cynically adjusted price-earnings ratio looks dangerously high. Are we getting close to a market crash?...

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  December 06, 2021

Globalisation is not reversing; Metaverse will give it a new lease of life

Is globalisation going into reverse? Nial Ferguson has argued precisely that. We disagree. Thanks to the Metaverse current problems with globalisation are temporary....

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  November 08, 2021

Taxing billionaires is taxing on the brain — there is a forgotten benefit

Elon Musk is in the news yet again, this time over his share options, but then the whole issue of taxing billionaires is complex, but if you believe in a shareholding democracy, there is a benefit....

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  November 04, 2021

Musk hypes Tesla by talking down the share price

Many suggest that the Tesla valuation is down to Elon Musk hyping the stock, but if that is so, why does he keep talking the share price down?...

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  October 22, 2021

We work differently now; is WeWork fit for the hybrid age?

As WeWork joins the stock market, we ask, is its model coming into its own in the hybrid era?...

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  July 23, 2021

Techopian Weekly - Views on the News - 23 July 21

Musk does a wobbly, Dear Boss, can we have AI please, explainable AI is hard to explain, billionaires in space, nurses pay, surge in unicorns, Cryptocurrency is an inherently right-wing, and augmented reality helps complete Rubik's Cube....

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