Covid-19 has changed the way that we develop and deploy life saving cures and vaccines. We look into the latest developments utilising technological breakthroughs and procedures extending our lives

  June 19, 2021

Techopian Weekly - Views on the News - 19 June 2021

Deloitte: you can work from home forever Study says we can't extend life — err, no, it doesn't Hawks and doves battle it out Singularity is nigh Watch out for our new YouTube channel Bezos in Space...

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  June 16, 2021

G7 vaccine pledge looks feeble when you look at the data

G7 pledges one billion vaccines a year for poorer nations; meanwhile, half that total is administered in the last 15 days....

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  June 05, 2021

Techopian Weekly - Views on the News - 5 June 21

Techopian's weekly roundup on some of the key stories covered this week. For those too busy during the week but need something to make them seem informed on Monday morning...

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  May 28, 2021

NHS prepares to share anonymised data with third parties; there's one problem

The announcement that the NHS plans to share anonymised data with third parties has much to commend it; there is one problem....

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  May 07, 2021

Is the tobacco industry is a victim of 'wokeness'?

A paper that appeared to show a link between smoking and immunity to Covid-19 has been retracted after it emerged that two of its authors had links with the tobacco industry, but was this decision fair? Is the tobacco industry a victim of anti-smoking wokeness?...

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  April 28, 2021

To defeat the Pandemic we need global data

Max Roser, the founder of the Our World in Data, has called for the amalgamation of data worldwide to defeat the Pandemic....

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