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  March 30, 2022

ESG isn’t about ethics; it’s about profit — is that right?

ESG and ethical investing are not the same thing. Instead, ESG is a particular investment strategy designed to make profit — is that right?...

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  March 28, 2022

Will remote working and calls for four day week lead to people taking in 2 jobs?

The economy is in crisis; inflation is up, prices are rising faster than wages; what does this mean for remote working and calls for a four day week, and are we heading for a two jobs per person economy?...

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  March 17, 2022

How has the pandemic changed businesses’ telecommunications requirements, and what are the potential challenges?

The events of the past two years have permanently changed the working landscape, with research by business telecommunications provider, Fusion Communications, revealing over 52 per cent of businesses plan to adopt hybrid working long term post-pandemic....

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  March 03, 2022

ESG by design

ESG by design, the concept bears parallels with privacy by design but is perhaps even more important. Marcus Maida explains....

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  February 10, 2022

It's a meta of trust?

Meta shares have crashed. Is the company behind Facebook paying the price for losing trust?...

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  January 21, 2022

ESG and making a profit?

ESG extracts a cost, but maybe it creates profit in the long run; maybe for a company with a long term horizon, ESG and profit maximisation is the same thing...

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