Science and technology go hand in hand, or so they should. We look into the reality of the engine that drives the worlds of healthcare, technology and change by getting to the core of the matter

  February 09, 2022

Fusion breakthrough down to convergence

As scientists in Oxford take us one step close to fusion, and Chinese scientists develop an artificial sun, an important reason why the breakthroughs are occurring is all but forgotten: convergence....

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  November 10, 2021

The Metaverse Wild West; we need a Metaverse equivalent of HTML

The Metaverse is currently like the Wild West. We need an open standard like a Metaverse HTML, which will work across multiple Metaverses...

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  November 02, 2021

Tesla propels Transport as a Service and gets a trillion dollar valuation

Both Hertz and Uber have been busy ordering Teslas, Tesla as a service is emerging, and it is the shape of things to come....

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  October 28, 2021

Connecting the self driving revolution

In a recent set of interviews with some of the people closest to the autonomous transport market, we look into the reality of autonomous transport and how far we still have to go before we can hail a driverless car to take us shopping....

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  September 28, 2021

Carbon nanotubes market set for rapid growth as it approaches tipping point

Carbon nanotubes, cylindrical molecules made from graphene which are less than a millionth of a metre across, seem to be passing a tipping point with new research projecting that the carbon nanotube market will be worth $20billion by 2030....

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  September 22, 2021

Can AI and Renewables save China from its credit bubble?

China is on the brink of a banking crisis as Evergrande teeters, and there is no easy fix; technology, AI and renewables is China's only hope....

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