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  June 16, 2021

Where is Veruca Salt in Jeff 'Wonka' Bezos's trip into Space?

Where is Veronica Salt in Jeff Wonka Bezos's trip into Space?...

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  June 04, 2021

Saudi invests in Source for water desalination with hydropanels

Lots of sun and clever use of technology is enabling Saudi Arabia to create freshwater from the air using hydropanels produced by a company called Source....

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  May 28, 2021

Climate change: Is Australia the equivalent of Kodak?

Dutch court shows Australian court the meaning of climate change responsibility, is Australia the nation equivalent of Kodak or Blockbusters and the Netherlands like Netflix?...

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  May 27, 2021

It's the Champions League final 2100, and Neom takes on Nüwa

The two top clubs in the Solar System, Neom and Nüwa meet tonight for the final of the Champions League....

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  May 22, 2021

Techopian Weekly - Views on the News - 22 May 21

Techopian's weekly roundup on some of the key stories covered this week. For those too busy during the week but need something to make them seem informed on Monday morning...

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  May 17, 2021

Renewable energy usage increases by three 'United Kingdoms'

Annual renewable capacity increased by 280GW in 2020 enough to provide power to the UK more than three times over....

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