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Techopian was founded by Michael Baxter in 2020 and relaunched in collaboration with Rob Hughes in January 2021.

Both successful in their own right, having been involved in numerous publications, analyst houses and technology firms over the past 25 years, their common interest in ethical business drew them together.  The world of technology has constantly sped up over this period, moving from the advent of the internet towards advancing technologies such as artificial intelligence. However, the way in which businesses are run, their footprint on the environment and planet has not kept up.

In recent years a new type of company has emerged, led by a greater purpose than just financial gain. This is where Michael and Rob converged and noticed that there was no real conversation about these exciting new organisations, nor was there a devoted voice to amplify the story telling about them, until now.

Techopian grew its leadership team with the addition of Dr Katja Grimme, a leading voice in the analyst world. Katja is world renowned for her insightful analysis on the technology and services space, having covered the growth of these markets in great detail for many years.

This is the team at the core of Techopian but they are not alone. We have a host of contributing writers from CEOs to young aspiring journalists, we ensure that our stories emerge from those running the worlds most interesting companies to those who will inherit our world and fill the role of our future leaders.

Michael Baxter - Co-Founder & Editor in Chief
Rob Hughes - Co-Founder & CEO
DR Katja Grimme - Analyst, Writer & Author

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