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  June 19, 2021

Techopian Weekly - Views on the News - 19 June 2021

Deloitte: you can work from home forever Study says we can't extend life — err, no, it doesn't Hawks and doves battle it out Singularity is nigh Watch out for our new YouTube channel Bezos in Space...

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  June 17, 2021

Fed turns hawkish but misses The Great Disruption

Jerome Powell, chair of the Fed, says it is time to start “talking about talking” about tapering monetary policy. However, it still isn’t talking about technology and seems unaware of the Great Disruption....

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  June 16, 2021

G7 vaccine pledge looks feeble when you look at the data

G7 pledges one billion vaccines a year for poorer nations; meanwhile, half that total is administered in the last 15 days....

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  June 11, 2021

Inflation surge follows the bungee jump

Inflation is like a bungee jump, the risk lies with inflation expectations, technologies including automation provide the hope....

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  June 10, 2021

Confirmation bias says crypto investing is good for philanthropy

Confirmation bias is rife among crypto investors; they are now arguing it is even good for philanthropy, and this view is wrong....

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  June 10, 2021

Global corporate tax: UK and EU want their cake and want to eat it

Joe Biden’s plan to introduce a global minimum tax has hit a snag as the UK and other Europeans push for exceptions, it’s like they want their cake and eat it. A paragraph in the Guardian says what you need to know. “The Europeans do...

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