, November 30, 2021


Big stories covering everything from policy to growth, we look into the fundamentals of our ever changing global economies

  November 15, 2021

The great resignation, does technology changes the story?

The Great Resignation story that dominates headlines might be exaggerated, but the technology story isn't....

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  November 09, 2021

Bitcoin hits new high, maybe the Metaverse will be its home

The Bitcoin price has hit a new all-time high, but maybe Bitcoin will really come into its own in the Metaverse Well that was a mistake — back in...

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  November 08, 2021

Taxing billionaires is taxing on the brain — there is a forgotten benefit

Elon Musk is in the news yet again, this time over his share options, but then the whole issue of taxing billionaires is complex, but if you believe in a shareholding democracy, there is a benefit....

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  October 25, 2021

Deflation or hyperinflation; who is right, Cathie Wood or Jack Dorsey?

ArkInvest’s Cathie Wood believes deflation is a bigger threat than hyperinflation; Jack Dorsey warns of hyperinflation. Who is right?...

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  October 15, 2021

Untangling the inflation quagmire and cognitive dissonance over interest rates

What’s the truth behind the inflation story of 2021, and do interest rates need to go shooting up to nip inflation in the bud?...

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  October 08, 2021

Thanos was wrong about population but so is Musk, suggests famous economist

Elon Musk reckons a collapse in the population poses the biggest threat to civilisation, but he is wrong, suggests leading economist...

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