The investment community is waking up to the changing landscape of consumers and customers who expect companies to behave in a socially responsible manner. The potential returns for such firms are immense as the separation between responsible and irresponsible companies grows. Why invest in areas with no customers? We find out why this is such an important component of the commercial mix and highlight the investment houses flexing their muscle to change the world for the better


  April 07, 2024

If this is an AI bubble, then heed the lessons of the dotcom bubble

Are we witnessing an AI bubble? If this is an AI bubble, then remember that the dotcom bubble was followed by an Internet revolution....

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  January 03, 2023

A time to buy tech and the tech quintet to watch

Contrarian investors take note, 2023 is the year to buy tech, and these five companies will be in the vanguard....

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  March 18, 2022

ESG exposure to Russia — it’s complicated

What is the true exposure of ESG funds to Russia? The answer is both higher than is stated but less than you might think, and there is a lesson for business too....

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  January 20, 2022

Buffett calls ESG asinine. What does he mean, and is he right?

At an investment presentation in 2021, Warren Buffett called ESG asinine. What did he mean by that, and was he right?...

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  November 09, 2021

Bitcoin hits new high, maybe the Metaverse will be its home

The Bitcoin price has hit a new all-time high, but maybe Bitcoin will really come into its own in the Metaverse Well that was a mistake — back in...

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  June 22, 2021

Price of lumber crashes, while Bitcoin approaches 2021 low

The price of lumber has crashed, the price of copper is falling, the price of used cars may have peaked while Bitcoin dips again....

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