All things crypto currency based including bitcoin, etherium, litecoin, xrp, dodgecoin ...

  June 10, 2021

Confirmation bias says crypto investing is good for philanthropy

Confirmation bias is rife among crypto investors; they are now arguing it is even good for philanthropy, and this view is wrong....

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  May 26, 2021

Group polarisation may explain Bitcoin sell-off, and it could be contagious

Whether Bitcoin is a bubble or not, a phenomenon called group polarisation could explain the recent sell-off, and technology could get caught up in the next phase....

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  May 22, 2021

Techopian Weekly - Views on the News - 22 May 21

Techopian's weekly roundup on some of the key stories covered this week. For those too busy during the week but need something to make them seem informed on Monday morning...

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  May 20, 2021

Bitcoin bursts, or does it?

Bitcoin crashed but then staged a partial recovery. Is this the crash Bitcoin critics have been waiting for? After all, the cryptocurrency ticks every box that points to a bubble....

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  May 14, 2021

The Musk effect: inflation spikes but Bitcoin tumbles

Bitcoin supporters say that it is a hedge against inflation, but on the day that news breaks about a surge in US inflation, the Bitcoin price tumbles. Is this solely down to the Elon Musk effect?...

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  May 13, 2021

Elon crashes Bitcoin

Is there an underlying problem with Musk's meddling, which affects millions of individual investors? At various points in the history of financial markets individuals have been accused of manipulating prices and ended up doing 'hard time'....

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