, December 04, 2022


Artificial Intelligence articles looking into the newest technologies and what they can, or cannot do.

  April 21, 2022

Unstructured data, super.AI and putting humans in the loop

Why ‘human in the loop’ and specialised AI can help solve the problem of unstructured data....

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  April 01, 2022

Adaptive Processes and the autonomous enterprise

What are adaptive processes? How do adaptive processes relate to the autonomous enterprise and how does AI enter the story? Sarah Burnett explains....

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  March 22, 2022

Moore's Law is back, and it's about to get extraordinary

Moore's Law is back thanks to a graphene-based integrated circuit but Moore's Law in a broader sense is about to get very interesting....

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  November 05, 2021

Photonic Computers give Moore's Law a new lease on life

Moore's law, describing the doubling of computers every 18 months, might be over, but photonic computers might give it a new lease of life as a new optical switch emerges as a possible solution....

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  November 01, 2021

As a matter of interest, Meta matters

Zuckerberg’s vision behind Meta and the Metaverse is not as foolish or cynical as it seems; the Meta model is incredibly bold and could catapult the company to the top of the league table of the world’s biggest companies....

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  October 25, 2021

Deflation or hyperinflation; who is right, Cathie Wood or Jack Dorsey?

ArkInvest’s Cathie Wood believes deflation is a bigger threat than hyperinflation; Jack Dorsey warns of hyperinflation. Who is right?...

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