, September 27, 2021


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  August 11, 2021

Is the sole purpose of business to make money? IPCC report and ESG introduces nuance

The purpose of business is to make a profit, but thanks to climate change, there is a new nuance, and the new IPCC report illustrates the need for ESG....

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  August 10, 2021

Climate change: good news rubs shoulders with the bad news

The latest IPCC report on climate change highlighted the risks of climate change to a terrifying degree, but there is hope....

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  August 03, 2021

UBI and the Dignity of Work

Critics of Universal Basic Income say it detracts from the dignity of work, disincentives people from working and makes them lazy....

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  May 11, 2021

Gates vs Mann; one of them is right

Bill Gates says one thing about climate change, Michael E Mann, the world-leading climatologist expert, says something different. The billionaire and present expert solutions to climate change; one of them is wrong. Who do we believe?...

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  April 16, 2021

In the technology age NHS nurses must be paid more

Nursing may be one of the last jobs to be lost to automation, and that is the killer reason why NHS nurse's pay must rise. As for why nursing pay is so low, there is one overriding reason, and it has to do with gender equality....

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