Sustainable business is good business. We look into the companies changing the world and the amazing tech that will help us get to a more sustainable way of living


  February 01, 2024

Harris Tweed sustainability and the Britton Scotland solution

Harris Tweed sustainability and the Britton Scotland solution...

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  February 09, 2022

Fusion breakthrough down to convergence

As scientists in Oxford take us one step close to fusion, and Chinese scientists develop an artificial sun, an important reason why the breakthroughs are occurring is all but forgotten: convergence....

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  October 25, 2021

Deflation or hyperinflation; who is right, Cathie Wood or Jack Dorsey?

ArkInvest’s Cathie Wood believes deflation is a bigger threat than hyperinflation; Jack Dorsey warns of hyperinflation. Who is right?...

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  September 16, 2021

The battle of exponential will determine outcome of climate change war

Climate change is occurring exponentially, but exponentially advancing technology can combat it...

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  September 04, 2021

Techopian newsletter: Knowing you knowing my Avatar, ah ha

If ABBA can tour the world using avatars, then what will we be able to do without physically going out? Will VR or AR be the name of the game?...

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  August 28, 2021

Techopian Weekly - Views on the News - August 28th 2021

Techopian's weekly roundup on some of the key stories covered this week. For those too busy during the week but need something to make them seem informed on Monday morning...

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