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  January 03, 2023

A time to buy tech and the tech quintet to watch

Contrarian investors take note, 2023 is the year to buy tech, and these five companies will be in the vanguard....

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  February 25, 2022

Can social media defeat Russia?

Vladimir Putin's imperialist ambitions can be thwarted by economic power and can be defeated by galvanising Russian people with social media as their friend....

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  February 24, 2022

1989: The failure of our 'moral' society

Putin threatens the world with nuclear weapons as he marches West while European leaders dither....

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  November 20, 2021

Newsletter — Data on subtitles usage belies falling attention spans claim

Data on subtitles usage belies falling attention spans claimThe great resignation, does technology changes the story?Apple planning fully autonomous car by 2025Quantum computing — how close is it?Cultural steak is coming...

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  November 10, 2021

Newsletter — We need a Metaverse equivalent of HTML

Techopian's weekly roundup on some of the key stories covered this week. For those too busy during the week but need something to make them seem informed on Monday morning...

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  November 06, 2021

Techopian Weekly - meta Metaverse, and it's all so meta

AI and blockchain to help create the Metaverse As a matter of interest, Meta matters Cop26: not enough carrots Tesla propels Transport as a Service and gets a trillion-dollar valuation Musk hypes Tesla by talking down the share price Is Lyft close to becoming profitable?...

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