What is UBI, or Universal Basic Income?

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What is UBI, or Universal Basic Income?

UBI or Universal Basic Income is one of the most important social support systems currently under under consideration by governments, corporations and academia.

In this series we speak to eight people from various institutions, with different viewpoints on the potential to implement a UBI system at national and international levels. We asked them a series of questions, delving into the detail, which we'll be publishing across the series but to get started we asked them the most obvious, 'What is UBI?'.

This is what they have to say ..

Many thanks to:

Alex Howlett, Co-Host of the Boston Basic Income podcast

Geoff Crocker; Author Basic Income and Sovereign Money

Karl Widerquist, Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University-Qatar

Professor Louise Haagh, Department of Politics University of York

Evelyn Forget, professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba and Academic Director of the Manitoba Research Data Centre

Jamie Cooke, Head of RSA Scotland

Loriana Luccioni, PhD student, The University of Queensland

Austin Mackell, Australian Journalist

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