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  July 01, 2022

Market failure, the J curve and why subsidiaries matter

The J curve and market failure illustrate an important point that came up at the recent ESG conference as part of DTE London....

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  March 17, 2022

How has the pandemic changed businesses’ telecommunications requirements, and what are the potential challenges?

The events of the past two years have permanently changed the working landscape, with research by business telecommunications provider, Fusion Communications, revealing over 52 per cent of businesses plan to adopt hybrid working long term post-pandemic....

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  March 04, 2022

Why Leave Good Luck to Chance? Leveraging Technology to Foster Connection and Serendipity

Why Leave Good Luck to Chance? Leveraging Technology to Foster Connection and Serendipity...

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  March 03, 2022

ESG by design

ESG by design, the concept bears parallels with privacy by design but is perhaps even more important. Marcus Maida explains....

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  February 24, 2022

1989: The failure of our 'moral' society

Putin threatens the world with nuclear weapons as he marches West while European leaders dither....

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  November 25, 2021

Scholz government supports ethical AI with facial recognition ban

The new German government to be headed by Olaf Scholz is supporting ethical AI banning facial recognition in public spaces....

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