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Michael is our Editor in Chief and co-founder of Techopian. He has over 30 years in journalism, with a strong history in Economics and Technology. He has authored two books and an advocate of ESG

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  April 23, 2024

Something rather important is lying hidden, and one of our guests this week knows how to find it.

What a lineup!!  In this week’s ESG Show we are blessed with...

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  February 22, 2023

Techopian newsletter, ESG special

Woke capitalism versus enlightened capitalism They used to say, "it is political...

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  January 24, 2023

Microsoft CEO says AI can reduce inequality

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says AI can reduce inequality and increase the wages of frontline staff....

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  January 13, 2023

Techopian newsletter: Tesla — has the bubble burst, or is it still a disruptor?

Tesla — has the bubble burst, or is it still a disruptor? [https://www....

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  January 10, 2023

Solar revolution is back on thanks to falling cost of polysilicon

Last year reports suggested that the solar energy revolution was put into doubt by surging polysilicon costs, but now the price is falling....

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  September 06, 2022

Techopian newsletter, Liz Truss, a look back from the 22nd century and education for the proletariat

A look back in history from the 22nd Century to the year the...

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