The golden boy of renewables comes with its own challenges and a list of detractors. However, as the technology around Solar energy gets better the potential for it to play a major part in the energy mix grows

  February 09, 2022

Fusion breakthrough down to convergence

As scientists in Oxford take us one step close to fusion, and Chinese scientists develop an artificial sun, an important reason why the breakthroughs are occurring is all but forgotten: convergence....

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  September 16, 2021

The battle of exponential will determine outcome of climate change war

Climate change is occurring exponentially, but exponentially advancing technology can combat it...

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  September 01, 2021

Climate Change gets Serious

The IPCC, or Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its most recent report on 9 August 2021. This podcast looks at some of the findings and why we need to start becoming very serious about how we live, how we create energy and where we get it from....

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  July 09, 2021

Pacific coast heatwave shows temperature volatility is biggest climate change risk

The Pacific Coast heatwave was caused by climate change concludes a paper, and this illustrates why temperature volatility is the biggest climate change risk...

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  June 04, 2021

Saudi invests in Source for water desalination with hydropanels

Lots of sun and clever use of technology is enabling Saudi Arabia to create freshwater from the air using hydropanels produced by a company called Source....

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  May 28, 2021

Climate change: Is Australia the equivalent of Kodak?

Dutch court shows Australian court the meaning of climate change responsibility, is Australia the nation equivalent of Kodak or Blockbusters and the Netherlands like Netflix?...

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