The golden boy of renewables comes with its own challenges and a list of detractors. However, as the technology around Solar energy gets better the potential for it to play a major part in the energy mix grows


  May 05, 2021

Climate lawsuits are good for the climate and business!

Last week, Germany's constitutional court decided, in an unexpected landmark ruling, that the country's climate law runs in parts against the constitutional rights....

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  April 06, 2021

We are winning the war against climate change thanks to exponential fall in solar costs

The IPCC's projections on climate change are too pessimistic, suggests a new report, and why? Because of the way solar energy is falling in costs exponentially climate change can be defeated....

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  March 24, 2021

Australian companies lead government in shift to carbon neutral

In Australia it is business and local government who are adopting carbon neutral...

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  February 17, 2021

The Texas deep freeze and the wind turbines lie

The deep freeze takes hold in Texas, and climate change cynics blame wind turbines, it's another example of how the climate change deniers will stop at nothing to try and bamboozle us with distortions of the truth and outright lies....

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  February 10, 2021

Will climate change represent the new battleground between the US and China?

It is something of an oxymoron, of course. You don't fight literal wars over who is being the kindest to the planet. Presumably, BofA, was using the word wars in a softer sense. Not so much tanks and bombs as dollars and yuans....

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  January 12, 2021

The future of energy and why I am not worried about the intermittent nature of renewables

What is the future of energy? I think renewable energies is where the future of energy lies and I am not overly concerned by their intermittent nature, here's why....

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