, October 02, 2023

Saudi invests in Source for water desalination with hydropanels

  •   4 min reads
Saudi invests in Source for water desalination with hydropanels

Lots of sun and clever use of technology is enabling Saudi Arabia to create freshwater from the air using hydropanels produced by a company called Source.

Question, what is the most valuable commodity in the world? Is, is oil? Is it lithium? Maybe we can take a loose definition of the word commodity and say it is data. But actually, the answer to this question is water.  And here is another question, how might we find water? Climate change, and demographic pressures, especially in Sub Saharan Africa and Southern Asia, might lead to an enormous mismatch between demand for water and its supply. The answer to this second question is probably water desalination, and a company called Source which applies hydropanels, might just have the technology.

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