, February 08, 2023


Articles, interviews and profiles on some of the worlds leading companies and organisations

  November 04, 2021

Is Lyft close to becoming profitable?

Lyft releases its latest quarterly profit and with it the enticing prospect of profitability...

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  November 02, 2021

Tesla propels Transport as a Service and gets a trillion dollar valuation

Both Hertz and Uber have been busy ordering Teslas, Tesla as a service is emerging, and it is the shape of things to come....

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  November 01, 2021

As a matter of interest, Meta matters

Zuckerberg’s vision behind Meta and the Metaverse is not as foolish or cynical as it seems; the Meta model is incredibly bold and could catapult the company to the top of the league table of the world’s biggest companies....

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  October 27, 2021

The Metaverse gets soul for generation Z in China

The Metaverse is taking off in China supported by an app called 'Soul or Sold Wonderland' but is this what generation Z needs? It's happening; you might not like it, but a Metaverse social media platform now has 100 million users in China....

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  October 22, 2021

We work differently now; is WeWork fit for the hybrid age?

As WeWork joins the stock market, we ask, is its model coming into its own in the hybrid era?...

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  October 21, 2021

AI hype, what hype? DeepMind makes a profit while Tesla rakes in the money

DeepMind, the AI unit at Alphabet, has made its first-ever profit while Tesla more than quadrupled profits and increased revenue at a time when rivals saw revenue fall....

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