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  October 21, 2021

AI hype, what hype? DeepMind makes a profit while Tesla rakes in the money

DeepMind, the AI unit at Alphabet, has made its first-ever profit while Tesla more than quadrupled profits and increased revenue at a time when rivals saw revenue fall....

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  October 20, 2021

Are Tesla shares cheap?

Shares in Tesla are moving close to a new all-time high, but there are good reasons to think Tesla’s shares can rise much further....

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  September 03, 2021

Weapons of Mass Distraction - time for a Chief Time Officer

Can the Chief Time Officer combat weapons of mass distraction? According to Scoro, yes....

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  September 02, 2021

Is China right to limit video game playing?

China is limiting the amount of time under 18s can play video games to three hours in a weekend. Is it right?...

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  August 13, 2021

Covid leads to an explosion in startups

Startups are starting up more quickly than ever, thanks to Covid. Is this good or bad?...

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  August 12, 2021

We need to talk about Marketing...

The idea that you can build a robust company in the torrent of hyper-growth businesses without a brand at the core of your strategy is a dream. Marketing is not a division in your company; it is your entire company....

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