, December 01, 2022


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  February 10, 2022

It's a meta of trust?

Meta shares have crashed. Is the company behind Facebook paying the price for losing trust?...

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  January 26, 2022

Tesla productivity miracle belies market sell-off

Tesla is witnessing something tantamount to a productivity miracle as its Californian giga factory becomes the most productive car factory in the US; this achievement belies recent stock market falls....

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  January 19, 2022

Microsoft answers its 'call of duty' with Metaverse pincer movement

Microsoft's acquisition of Call of Duty games developer Activision marks its latest move into the Metaverse....

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  January 19, 2022

ESG and company culture and ESG by design

ESG needs to be embedded into a company's culture. Maybe one way is ESG by design....

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  January 10, 2022

The iPhone is 15 years old: what’s next?

January 9th 2007, and Steve Jobs revealed the iPhone to an expectant public: what will be the next product to change the world?...

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  November 04, 2021

Musk hypes Tesla by talking down the share price

Many suggest that the Tesla valuation is down to Elon Musk hyping the stock, but if that is so, why does he keep talking the share price down?...

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