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Michael is our Editor in Chief and co-founder of Techopian. He has over 30 years in journalism, with a strong history in Economics and Technology. He has authored two books and an advocate of ESG

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  March 12, 2022

The case against nuclear power has just got stronger: Techopian newsletter

The case against nuclear power has just got stronger: The recent Russian attack...

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  March 07, 2022

Bitcoin passes a test, but does it matter?

While stock markets saw sharp falls, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies surged on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Bitcoin has passed a test, but does that test matter?...

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  February 28, 2022

Up the Union, say Apple workers

Apple retail workers are joining unions as Apple profits rise faster than their wages....

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  February 25, 2022

Can social media defeat Russia?

Vladimir Putin's imperialist ambitions can be thwarted by economic power and can be defeated by galvanising Russian people with social media as their friend....

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  February 23, 2022

Come on me Metamaties, Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of (virtual) rum

Elon Musk faces stiff opposition for the title 'entrepreneur who may be losing the plot award.' While Musk compares the Canadian Prime Minister with a certain dictator from the 1930s and 1940s, Mark Zuckerberg decides it is time to call colleagues metamates....

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  February 21, 2022

Oh Elon, have you gone too far this time?

Elon Musk's latest Tweet is nasty, unjustified, and leaves one wondering if he has gone too far this time....

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