Technology has changed the way in which we live and is critical in tackling the earths big challenges. We look into who's do what and why they matter

  April 12, 2022

UK government puts NIMBYs first as it shuns onshore wind

UK NIMBYs have thwarted the UK government's plan to dramatically increase onshore wind power; the result will be more expensive electricity and maybe fuel poverty for many. Oh yes, and there's climate change too....

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  April 01, 2022

Adaptive Processes and the autonomous enterprise

What are adaptive processes? How do adaptive processes relate to the autonomous enterprise and how does AI enter the story? Sarah Burnett explains....

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  March 22, 2022

Moore's Law is back, and it's about to get extraordinary

Moore's Law is back thanks to a graphene-based integrated circuit but Moore's Law in a broader sense is about to get very interesting....

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  March 08, 2022

The case against nuclear power has just got stronger

The recent Russian attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine illustrates two more reasons, to join a long list, why nuclear power is such a bad idea....

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  March 07, 2022

Russia bans Facebook — what irony!

Facebook and Twitter are banned in the country that used Facebook and Twitter to sow discontent and spread fake news in the West. Meanwhile, apps like Telegram have become new weapons of information....

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  March 02, 2022

Renewables are the means to defeat Putin

The greatest weapon the West has at its disposal in the new Cold War is economic, and that means renewables...

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