, October 25, 2021


Technology has changed the way in which we live and is critical in tackling the earths big challenges. We look into who's do what and why they matter

  October 07, 2021

The 'wind speed lie'

Slower wind speeds are the cause of the energy crisis, suggest analysts; here is the problem with this statement, there is precious little evidence to back it up...

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  October 05, 2021

The world just tried going cold turkey

If the world is addicted to social media and oil and debt, then we have just been through a period of cold turkey, and then there is the British Conservative party which just took a wrong turn in its journey through the space-time continuum. What...

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  October 01, 2021

Morocco to UK renewables project - transmits power from the Sahara to Britain

The Xlinks Morocco-UK Power Project will generate electricity in the Sahara and transmit it to the UK....

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  September 28, 2021

Carbon nanotubes market set for rapid growth as it approaches tipping point

Carbon nanotubes, cylindrical molecules made from graphene which are less than a millionth of a metre across, seem to be passing a tipping point with new research projecting that the carbon nanotube market will be worth $20billion by 2030....

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  September 27, 2021

Entrepreneurs are back

Business formation is set to hit its highest level in years in the US, whilst startup funding worldwide hits new records....

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  September 25, 2021

Techopian Weekly: Is fusion getting closer?

Is fusion getting closer? Energy crisis proves the need for renewables Keen is keen on printing money Foundation is on the tele...

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