Robotic Process Automation is one of those technologies that can actually deliver on its promises, beyond the hype. Now there is plenty of hype as market valuations soar, so we uncover the truths and dispel the myths in this evolving space

  June 15, 2021

UiPath’s Kirkwood: RPA heralds the era of employee experience

UiPath’s Chief Evangelist Guy Kirkwood says that RPA is helping create an era when employee engagement is more important even than customer engagement....

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  June 14, 2021

Expert.AI: Explainable AI, human-like comprehension and Knowledge discovery

Why is Explainable AI so important? What are NLP and human-like comprehension? We spoke to Expert.AI to find out .....

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  April 21, 2021

UiPath shares surge on stock exchange debut

Shares in Robotics Process Automation company UiPath surged on the stock exchange debut, with the company’s market cap at over $35 billion....

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  March 24, 2021

Is Process Discovery the secret sauce that fuels RPA?

In late 2019 RPA provider UiPath acquired two companies to bolster their growing business, StepShot and ProcessGold. The acquisitions left a number of onlookers scratching their heads, trying to find the synergy. It was a great move, here's why....

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  March 15, 2021

Is RPA really a trillion dollar market?

What is RPA worth, can it really be valued at well over a trillion dollars?...

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  March 10, 2021

Microsoft cracks the RPA market! ... not really

Microsoft, the great disruptor (yes, that's the spin) is apparently ready to shake-up the market by bundling a free version of Power Automate into the world's most popular operating system....

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