The tyranny of rightwing snowflakes and far-right wokism

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The tyranny of rightwing snowflakes and far-right wokism

The right-wing snowflakes are at it again; wokeism is alive and well on the right wing.

On diddums, the poor little darlings are all upset again. They want to cancel this, that and the other, and oh, their delicate little feelings are so very hurt.

Do you remember Mary Whitehouse? She was a British teacher and Conservative Party activist who campaigned against so-called social liberalism on TV?  She campaigned against sex, bad language and violence on TV. The English sociologist  Richard Hoggart said: "If she had reversed the order, she might have been more effective." Pink Floyd sang:" Hey you, Whitehouse

Ha-ha, charade you are."

Whitehouse was a famous figure in Britain in the 1970s and 1980s; she was beloved by the right and an advocate of censorship, or, to put it in 2023 terms, a fan of cancel culture.

She was offended by the cultural changes of that time. A time when music was so controversial that the Beatles' song a Day in the Life was banned from the  BBC programme Top of the Pops because it contained the line: "I'd love to turn you on."

Today, cancel culture continues. Today, the right-wing wokes are offended by anything that doesn't involve the celebration of manly endeavours.

Airing on TV right now is what is surely the best TV adaption of a video game yet — a truly magnificent series called the Last of Us.

Look it up on IMDB, and look at the curious variation in reviews for the show. Two episodes got significantly worse marks than the others, and they both contained scenes involving single-sex relationships. Indeed, one of the episodes to suffer such poor reviews is regarded by many as one of the most poignant episodes of anything that have ever been shown on TV: it is just that the storyline centred on a gay couple. That is what I mean about Wokeness. No matter how beautiful the script, how moving the acting is, and how heartbreaking the storyline is, if it involves gay love, some people hate it. Their delicate feelings are enraged by such storylines, the rightwing snowflakes scared by the barefaced political correctness of it all.

And now, in the UK, the right-wing media and politicians burst into tears and throw their dummies from their prams because a high-profile football TV presenter dared liken language used by some individuals to that used in Germany in the 1930s. Not that he was the first person to make such an accusation.

Gary Lineker, top scorer in the 1986 World Cup and one of the few top players in football never to receive a red or yellow card, and the BBC's best-paid presenter, famous as a 'nice' person, has offended the woke right with the 1930s comment. But the UK press, who love to describe asylum seekers and refugees in words one might not usually apply to humans, don't know what to do.

That bully at school couldn't cope with the kid who stood up to him or her. Those who wish to castigate migrants as undeserving of the protection of human rights don't know how to handle the hero of millions of football fans, a man who won't be bullied or cajoled.

Cancel culture and right-wing Wokeness stare at us; the sensitive feelings of rednecks, racists and bigots are laid bare for the public to see.

The poor little darlings, it's not good. It is not good getting a dose of your own medicine? It's not good when the bullied hits you on the nose. It's not good when decent people who care about the plight of those who flee their homes in fear and travel thousands of miles under conditions of extreme peril strike back at you and call you a fascist.

It's not good when people who care about facts point out that the UK takes up a tiny proportion of global refugees and asylum seekers. Or that for most would-be asylum seekers, there is no legal route into the UK.  But hey, Goebbels (Hitler's head of propaganda) said: "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." So, just suck up the lies and believe what the press, infused with hate-inspired rhetoric, shout at you because if they keep saying it, then it must be true.

But then it hurts, doesn't it, when you discover the man you consider the greatest ever Britain, Winston Churchill himself, was a key architect of the European Convention of Human Rights, which you hate so much.

But that is okay? Tough love is good, and we all know that all you right-wing woke fans of cancel culture need to do is toughen up, look at yourself in the mirror, and welcome views that are different from yours.

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