Todays societies differ massively , depending on where you are in the world. The rise of social media as a prime informer of news, untruths and propaganda is affecting the world that we live in. As we struggle to find the most civilised way forward, Techopian covers the realities of life in the 21st century

  September 05, 2022

A look back in history from the 22nd Century to the year the world nearly went mad

A long time ago, in the year 2022, the world nearly went mad: today, from the enlightened 22nd Century, we laugh, but that is the lesson of history....

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  August 05, 2022

Revolution is in the air— it may be good, but I'm scared

From China to British rail workers, there is revolution in the air; the consequences might be good they might be disastrous...

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  June 29, 2022

The US Supreme Court: enemy of the planet or just a bunch of Luddites?

In the US, the Supreme Court could be about to make a ruling that could dramatically diminish the US government's ability to regulate CO2 emissions....

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  June 01, 2022

Inequality and groupthink may be tearing society apart; AI may have the answer

The political divide is getting more extreme; is polarisation caused by inequality or social media and groupthink? AI may have the answer....

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  June 01, 2022

An Imperial good laugh over base ten and the metric system

Which is best: Imperial or metric? Are you kidding? It is like asking what is best: pain or pleasure? But then refusal to let go of the past is kind of the point....

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  April 18, 2022

Will Twitter under Musk illuminate democracy or throw it into darkness?

A war for free speech or a fight against fake news: money or idealism, the future of media, democracy and Twitter under Elon Musk....

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