Todays societies differ massively , depending on where you are in the world. The rise of social media as a prime informer of news, untruths and propaganda is affecting the world that we live in. As we struggle to find the most civilised way forward, Techopian covers the realities of life in the 21st century

  March 17, 2022

Consequences of the Ukrainian crisis part one

What are the consequences of the Ukrainian crisis? This will become clearer over the next few weeks, but here is the Techopian's first take:...

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  March 07, 2022

Russia bans Facebook — what irony!

Facebook and Twitter are banned in the country that used Facebook and Twitter to sow discontent and spread fake news in the West. Meanwhile, apps like Telegram have become new weapons of information....

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  March 04, 2022

Why Leave Good Luck to Chance? Leveraging Technology to Foster Connection and Serendipity

Why Leave Good Luck to Chance? Leveraging Technology to Foster Connection and Serendipity...

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  February 28, 2022

Up the Union, say Apple workers

Apple retail workers are joining unions as Apple profits rise faster than their wages....

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  February 25, 2022

Can social media defeat Russia?

Vladimir Putin's imperialist ambitions can be thwarted by economic power and can be defeated by galvanising Russian people with social media as their friend....

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  January 28, 2022

Joe Rogen and Jordan Peterson feel the backlash; as science clashes with populism

Neil Young and now climate change advocates lay into Joe Rogen, following an anti-vaccine interview and then an interview with Jordan Peterson...

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