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  January 22, 2022

Newsletter: Get ready for trouble

Will the wall of money collapse? What does this mean for valuations? The NASDAQ has already lost ten per cent, will it fall further? What about the Bitcoin price?...

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  January 18, 2022

UK real wages fall will this spark-off inflation?

Real wages fell in the final quarter of 2021, official data shows, thanks to rising inflation. But does this mean inflation will rise further? It depends on inflation expectations, and it depends on technology....

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  January 17, 2022

Bitcoin’s biggest test to occur if interest rates rise higher than expected

Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation, and quantitative easing say its supporters, but just supposing inflation and then interest rates rise, will Bitcoin surge or crash?...

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  January 06, 2022

Beware the CAPE — US equities look dangerously poised for a crash

Beware the CAPE. The cynically adjusted price-earnings ratio looks dangerously high. Are we getting close to a market crash?...

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  December 14, 2021

The economy needs more technology and not higher house prices

Inflation hits a 38 year high in the US; labour shortages mount; never has there been a greater need for technology, but governments seem more concerned about house prices....

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  December 06, 2021

Globalisation is not reversing; Metaverse will give it a new lease of life

Is globalisation going into reverse? Nial Ferguson has argued precisely that. We disagree. Thanks to the Metaverse current problems with globalisation are temporary....

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