The Greentech Festival in Berlin - Sustainable tech in a hip format

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The Greentech Festival in Berlin - Sustainable tech in a hip format

In mid-June, the Greentech Festival took place for the third time in Berlin, this time in a hybrid online and on-site format. Since its launch in 2019, it has evolved into a high-level business event with an impressive line-up of representatives from large multinational brands.  The likes of Audi, Salesforce, BMW, L'Oréal, Nespresso, Patagonia, Deutsche Telekom, Facebook, Google, Samsung, SAP, Shell and many more presented their strategies or specific solutions sustainability. In addition, it features innovative start-ups that showcase their new products and services and prominent thought leaders, including Kate Raworth and Sebastian Copeland. The overriding motto is #celebratechange.

Nico Rosberg, the former Formula-1 driver, is one of the founders and an investor and sustainability entrepreneur. With his team, he set up the event with the vision of 'creating a space for people, ideas, innovations, companies and organizations that make the world a better place and celebrate change towards more climate-friendly ways of living'.

The festival ran over three days, showing a diverse mix of green technologies and at the same time wanting to inspire a sustainable lifestyle. In the exhibition area, some 80 companies showcased environmentally friendly technologies from the fields of mobility, energy, smart cities, food, lifestyle and media. At the festival's conference, state-of-the-art approaches and solutions in greentech are presented and discussed. The programme was rounded off with famous artists such as Bryan Adams, who composed a song on sustainability, and Mighty Oaks who presented their latest album. The finale is a gala evening where the Green Award honours the most innovative projects and ideas.

Here are a few glimpses of the Greentech (aka cleantech) initiatives presented:

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