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Dr Katja Grimme

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Katja Grimme is passionate about sustainable IT. With 20+ years’ experience as strategy consultant, she offers thought leadership and research-based advisory, helping companies improve sustainability.

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  August 21, 2021

Techopian Weekly - Views on the News - 21 August 21

Musk's fourth and fifth laws of roboticsMusk on UBIClimate change will lead to more ESG...

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  August 10, 2021

The tiger gets teeth: Are you prepared as sustainability reporting in the EU picks up speed?

Non-financial reporting, i.e. reporting on environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects, has been around for several years, without much impact. This is set to change now as the EU develops an ambitious revision of current legislation......

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  July 30, 2021

Techopian Weekly - Views on the News - 30 July 21

Average American's lifetime carbon footprint kills 0.29 peopleESG can save civilisation...

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  July 23, 2021

Techopian Weekly - Views on the News - 23 July 21

Musk does a wobbly, Dear Boss, can we have AI please, explainable AI is hard to explain, billionaires in space, nurses pay, surge in unicorns, Cryptocurrency is an inherently right-wing, and augmented reality helps complete Rubik's Cube....

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  June 28, 2021

The Greentech Festival in Berlin - Sustainable tech in a hip format

In mid-June, the Greentech Festival took place for the third time in Berlin, this time in a hybrid online and on-site format....

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  June 02, 2021

Sustainable IT: The launch of the Green Software Foundation

Microsoft announced the launch of the Green Software Foundation with Accenture, GitHub, and ThoughtWorks as founding members....

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