Ethical use of Estrella beer cans reaches parts other beers can’t reach

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Ethical use of Estrella beer cans reaches parts other beers can’t reach

Estrella beer cans achieve high environmental, ethical and social standards, suggests the company.

Shining the spotlight on companies that have ‘done good’ is part of Techopia’s underlying ethos. To misquote Nat King Cole, “in a restless world like this is,” cynicism is all too easy. But when a company applies corporate responsibility, let’s celebrate for a moment, maybe even raise a glass of beer; this evening.

The Estrella Damm brewery in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona) has achieved ASI certification. What does that mean?

To quote from the company: Damm has become “the first drinks beverage company in the world to achieve double certification, which guarantees high environmental, ethical and social standards for the whole aluminium chain, from the production of the aluminium to making the cans, brewing and recycling.”

As part of the Performance Standard certification, Damm’s life cycle thinking, product design, emissions reduction plans and management of natural resources and waste in its breweries were audited. The Chain of Custody certification covers verified practices – certified under the ASI Performance Standard – from mining and remelting cans to aluminium casting, rolling, manufacturing, and filling.

The ASI was founded over ten years ago by representatives from the aluminium industry and industrial users of aluminium, and from research and policy organisations and society in general,  with the aim of promoting greater sustainability and transparency throughout the aluminium industry. Since 2017, organisations have been able to seek ASI certification, and more than 160 organisations have joined the ASI as members, demonstrating their commitment to responsible aluminium sourcing.

Carey Causey, President, Ball Beverage Packaging, EMEA, said: “Today’s announcement represents a landmark moment as we bring together our customers’ ambitions to contribute to a genuinely sustainable economy, with the circular potential of the aluminium beverage can, the world’s most recycled beverage package. Damm’s more than 25 iconic beer brands are enjoyed by consumers in more than 133 countries. We have relished working with such a forward-thinking company that is meeting the increasing demand for sustainable products from consumers and society.”

PS: We leave you with a problem, however. It is 10 am as these words are being written, and yet, as a result of writing this article, the author fancies a beer.

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