Is Australia about to be disrupted?

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Is Australia about to be disrupted?

As it emerges that the Australian export credit agency is funding more fossil fuel than renewable projects, it becomes clear that Australia is about to get disrupted.

When Blockbuster woke up to the reality of the threat posed by Netflix, it was too late; it was already being disrupted. Is Australia another Blockbusters?

"Disruptive technologies typically enable new markets to emerge," said the brilliant and late economist Clayton Christensen. He was the author of Innovators' Dilemma,  a theory that explained how disruption works.

When eight-inch disc drive companies suddenly realised that 5.25-inch drives were the future, they had left it too late. Ditto for when 5.25-inch disc drive companies realised that 3.5-inch drives were the future; they too had left it too late.

Disruptive technology — from the fall of civilisations to reversing ageing, it has changed the world
Disruption goes whoosh — from nothing to dramatic change. Investors who fail to spot it can be left nursing heavy losses. Businesses that fail to spot it van go bust. Civilisations that fail to spot it can collapse.

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