Introducing the ESG Show

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Introducing the ESG Show

Coming soon to a theatre near you — or at least a computer screen  — is the ESG Show.

The ESG takes a weekly look at the world of ESG; it is topical, informative, flies the ESG flag, and makes compulsive viewing for all those interested in ESG.

Each week we invite guests to appear on the Show to discuss some fascinating new developments in ESG and help me unpick the bones of the most important ESG topics of the moment.

How does the ESG Show differ from a webinar? The clue is in the name. It is fast-paced and covers a broad range of topics with lively debate, and for the viewer, the plan is for the ESG Show to be entertaining as much as informative.

The Show will also act as an antidote to all the ESG negativity flying around at the moment — because ESG does have its critics.

Those who say there is too much greenwashing, that some organisations cynically ride the ESG bandwagon to promote skin-deep ESG credentials, may have a point.

ESG must be authentic— or it will die. We will discuss this.

Others see the very idea of ESG as an anathema — to use their words, woke and fake capitalism. It is odd because some ESG advocates say they are card-carrying capitalists but say they believe in something more akin to a type of enlightenment capitalism.

Umm. Enlightened capitalism! Greed is good? It is better when we greedily consider wider interests and how in the long run a bigger picture view that considers the wider impact of our actions means more sustainable profits.

So with help from our guests, we plan to fly the environmental and social and indeed governance flags and advocate the idea, whether you call it ESG, impact investing, enlightened capitalism or sustainable business.

So stay tuned for the ESG Show. Watch out for details of the first Show.

Oh yes, if you would be interested in contributing to the debate as a guest, please reach out to me.

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