Does new Google AI bring technological singularity closer?

  •   3 min reads
Does new Google AI bring technological singularity closer?

A Google paper proposes a method for using  AI to develop AI chips. Does this take us closer to technology singularity?

'Computers will never match humans for creativity,' or so they say. But is that true? What is the most creative force we know of? Here is a clue; it is entirely random. It is, of course, evolution; not even the greatest artist ever, be that Da Vinci, Michelangelo, or Van Gogh, could match nature in the creation of beauty. Nor can the greatest engineers in the world match the ingenuity of the natural world in developing solutions to problems. If something random can be more creative and ingenious than the entirety of the human race, consider how evolving AI might develop. This is what is so interesting about a new Google paper looking at applying AI to develop AI chips — imagine how that could evolve.

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