Autonomous cars and passenger drones are closer than you think

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Autonomous cars; when will they take over? What about passenger drones; will they ever be a thing? Well, they could be closer than you think.

Our new video series looks at autonomous cars, passenger drones, and fixed-wing electric vehicles. And if the experts we spoke to are right, you might be surprised by how close they are.

See the first video in our series looking at the safety of autonomous cars:

Here is the headline; according to the testing of autonomous cars and the frequency of disengagements (when the safety driver feels the necessity to take over and seize the wheel), autonomous cars safety is improving exponentially.

At the current rate of progress autonomous cars will be safer than cars driven by people within a couple of years and could potentially be 1,000s times safer within a couple of decades.

In this interview, we talk to James Jeffs from IDTechEx,  and Ian Kiely from Drone Consultants Ireland.

And watch out for our second instalment coming soon.

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