, December 06, 2023

UBI, Minsky and the Economy

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UBI, Minsky and the Economy

Minsky was a 20th century economist who spotted the debt cycles that the economy goes through.  His research attempted to provide an understanding and explanation of the characteristics of financial crises, which he attributed to swings in a potentially fragile financial system. In other words he 'saw it coming'.

UBI or Universal Basic Income is one of the most important social support systems currently under consideration by governments, corporations and academia. So what can we learn from Minsky?

In this episode we speak to Austin Mackell and Geoff Crocker. They, just like Minsky, explain the need, the reasoning and the economics behind UBI...

Many thanks to:

Geoff Crocker; Author Basic Income and Sovereign Money

Austin Mackell; Australian Journalist

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