, October 05, 2022


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  January 14, 2022

EVs sales faster than expected -Amara's Law and disruption at work

A new study finds that EVs are taking off faster than expected, but...

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  January 12, 2022

Apple is not a Metaverse company it claims, but then again maybe it is

According to a Bloomberg report Apple says it is not planning to be a Metaverse company, but then again this rather depends on what you mean by Metaverse...

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  October 05, 2021

The world just tried going cold turkey

If the world is addicted to social media and oil and debt, then we have just been through a period of cold turkey, and then there is the British Conservative party which just took a wrong turn in its journey through the space-time continuum. What...

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  August 11, 2021

Is the sole purpose of business to make money? IPCC report and ESG introduces nuance

The purpose of business is to make a profit, but thanks to climate change, there is a new nuance, and the new IPCC report illustrates the need for ESG....

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  August 10, 2021

Climate change: good news rubs shoulders with the bad news

The latest IPCC report on climate change highlighted the risks of climate change to a terrifying degree, but there is hope....

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  August 03, 2021

UBI and the Dignity of Work

Critics of Universal Basic Income say it detracts from the dignity of work, disincentives people from working and makes them lazy....

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