, October 05, 2022


Technology has changed the way in which we live and is critical in tackling the earths big challenges. We look into who's do what and why they matter

  January 17, 2022

Bitcoin’s biggest test to occur if interest rates rise higher than expected

Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation, and quantitative easing say its supporters, but just supposing inflation and then interest rates rise, will Bitcoin surge or crash?...

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  January 14, 2022

EVs sales faster than expected -Amara's Law and disruption at work

A new study finds that EVs are taking off faster than expected, but...

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  January 12, 2022

Apple is not a Metaverse company it claims, but then again maybe it is

According to a Bloomberg report Apple says it is not planning to be a Metaverse company, but then again this rather depends on what you mean by Metaverse...

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  January 10, 2022

The iPhone is 15 years old: what’s next?

January 9th 2007, and Steve Jobs revealed the iPhone to an expectant public: what will be the next product to change the world?...

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  January 06, 2022

Beware the CAPE — US equities look dangerously poised for a crash

Beware the CAPE. The cynically adjusted price-earnings ratio looks dangerously high. Are we getting close to a market crash?...

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  January 05, 2022

$3 trillion Apple is still worth more than crypto, and that is the way it should be

Apple market cap is around $3trilloin, the combined cryptocurrency valuation is around $2.2 trillion, but that is where the similarity ends...

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