We examine the world of finance and financial services in a series of insightful articles. A changing landscape, fuelled by Fintech start-ups is resetting the customer expectations. Can the established institutions keep up and retain the talent needed to excel in todays world of 'new banks'?

  July 21, 2021

Cathie Wood is right about deflation and tech, although she hasn’t got it all right

The narrative that inflation is set to surge and that technology represents one big bubble is wrong; Cathie Wood is closer to the mark about deflation and tech, although she hasn’t got it all right....

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  June 22, 2021

Price of lumber crashes, while Bitcoin approaches 2021 low

The price of lumber has crashed, the price of copper is falling, the price of used cars may have peaked while Bitcoin dips again....

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  May 26, 2021

Group polarisation may explain Bitcoin sell-off, and it could be contagious

Whether Bitcoin is a bubble or not, a phenomenon called group polarisation could explain the recent sell-off, and technology could get caught up in the next phase....

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  May 19, 2021

UK inflation spikes ... just like it did after World War 2

UK inflation saw a sharp rise in April, but before you see this as evidence that the beast called inflation is back and will create havoc, consider the story of inflation after World War 2....

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  April 13, 2021

Thiel says the U.S. is playing into the Chinese crypto threat

Peter Thiel has suggested that the Chinese cryptocurrency poses a threat U.S. dollar, but he is wrong....

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  April 08, 2021

Covid has accelerated the end of cash

Cash is king, or so they say, but monarchies come to an end, and maybe cash is about to go the way of the dodo, at least ArkInvest has suggested that the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the end of cash by three years. But is it right, and is this a good or bad thing?...

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