, December 09, 2022


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  September 23, 2021

Steve Keen advocate of printing money to run for Australian Senate

Steve Keen, the Australian economics professor who is an arch critic of economists and supporter of the money printing press, is to stand for the Australian Senate....

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  September 22, 2021

Can AI and Renewables save China from its credit bubble?

China is on the brink of a banking crisis as Evergrande teeters, and there is no easy fix; technology, AI and renewables is China's only hope....

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  September 20, 2021

Universal basic income versus a job guarantee

Our latest video compares universal basic income with a job guarantee...

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  September 14, 2021

Does Work really provide us with Dignity?

In this episode the experts discuss their findings and show that these concerns are often founded on a two-tier system. Few people argue that those who have inherited wealth lack dignity because they receive money without working....

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  September 13, 2021

The great re-set and the death of neoliberalism is underway; Should we be celebrating?

There is a labour shortage, and it is everywhere, there are multiple causes, but the result will be a great re-set and the end of neoliberalism; we should be celebrating....

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  September 08, 2021

The Tyranny of the Baby Boomers strikes again with NI hike

Baby boomers get off scot-free as workers earning less than £50,000 pay for their care with a National Insurance hike....

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