, September 27, 2023

I am fed up with hearing about bubbles

  •   5 min reads
I am fed up with hearing about bubbles

There are bubbles everywhere; from Bitcoin to Tesla from WeWork to Startup culture, the global economy is riddled with bubbles, or so I hear. Cathy Wood and Ark Invest are the chief bubble blowers, say critics, but I am getting fed up with the cynicism.

Bubbles have been a common talking topic since I’ve been writing about the economy and before. As an entrepreneur, I was stuck right in the middle of the dotcom bubble, for good and bad. As a writer, I scribbled away for countless hours, writing about the subprime disaster in the making, the housing bubble, and then in retrospect, the 2008 crash. But now, warnings of a bubble seem everywhere, and most of them are just lazy commentary.

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