, February 20, 2024

ESG Show episodes and calendar

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ESG Show episodes and calendar

The ESG Show is a weekly event designed to create conversations about ESG.

It also seeks to evangelise ESG to the wider community at a time when some people have railed against it.

With greenwashing, capitalism and the need for transparency and authenticity becoming clearer, it is imperative to break down barriers, create necessary conversations and correct misinformation about ESG.

The ESG Show is here to help provide those working within the sector a greater understanding of ESG whilst advocating ESG to the wider audience and also rehearsing arguments against those made by its distractors.

If  you want to see future events, either broadcast live when you can participate by asking questions, or on replay, join our group on Linkedin

And see our YouTube page for recordings of all shows so far.

And if you interested in appearing as a guest or partnering with us/sponsoring the show, email: info@techopian.com

Coming soon

Sepetmber 20th, 1pm BST: Conceptual framework ESG Show,

with Dr Biswaraj Ghosh and Professor Kevin Haines

September 27th, 11am BST:  The role of communication and brands for sustainability, How to bring solutions to people, focus on behavioural strategies,

with Rob Cheesewright, Anna Öhrling and Aub Wallace.

October 4th, 11am BST: What does ISSB mean for 2024/2025 -what sustainability emissions means for organisations,

with David Upton, Kristi Heiman  

October 11th, 1pm BST: Business case for ESG and climate change

with Tess Dury, and Dr Biswaraj Ghosh, Giorgio Castro  

October 18th, 1pm GMT: Ethical Consumerism

with Ellen Williams, Michael Rada and Isabella Wang

October 25th 1pm GMT: ESG in an Asian context

Vacancy for one more guest

November 1st, 1pm GMT: The investment case for ESG

Bill Davies, vacancy for two more guests

November 8th, reserved 1pm: more details to follow

Manuel Vexler

November 15th, IPM GMT: ESG dont just comply learn how to fly

With Scott Seivwright, Mary McLuskey, final speaker to be confirmed

November 22nd, 1pm GMT: How do kick-off your ESG strategy and programme?

With  Mike Medley

November 29th, 1pm GMT: Practical steps an organisation can take to become more sustainable

Tess Dury, Rittick Chakraboty, and Anna Öhrling,

December 6th, 1pm GMT: B Corps,

with Dawn Rennick
Vacancy for two more guests

December 13th, the economics of ESG

December 20th, ESG a young person's perspective

Vacancy for guests  

January 10th, 11am BST

with Claudia Weisenberger

January 17th Waste

with Michael Rada

Themes in January 2024 to be confirmed

contact us if you are interested in working with us on these episodes, info@techopian.com

Previous Shows

First 13 episodes:

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