, December 06, 2022

Climate change conference gets big oil and tobacco sponsors

  •   2 min reads
Climate change conference gets big oil and tobacco sponsors

An oil industry representation body and a tobacco company both allegedly associated with climate change denial are sponsoring a new climate change event.

Repenting is a good trait, and let's face it, none of us is perfect. If the only people who were allowed to cast stones were those without sin, there wouldn't be many stones flying around. But climate change denial: now that is a big one. It depends on what you mean by denial; of course, the propagators of alleged denial will claim that they are merely encouraging a discussion cognizant of all the facts.  In much the same way, tobacco firms encouraged us to be cognizant of facts about smoking that suggested it wasn't so bad for you — until the facts turned out not to be facts at all, or at the very minimum, taken wildly out of context.

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