, February 05, 2023

Where is Veruca Salt in Jeff 'Wonka' Bezos's trip into Space?

  •   2 min reads
Where is Veruca Salt in Jeff 'Wonka' Bezos's trip into Space?

I've got a golden ticket, said the winner of the auction to fly into space on Blue Origin airways with Jeff Bezos, aka Willy Wonka.

As the winner is announced on who will accompany Jeff and Mark Bezos into space, we must not forget that there are more important things. I can't think of any offhand, but there are.

The trip into Space will last between 10 and 12 minutes, but the package includes a few days of training. The auction winner, who will accompany Jeff Bezos, forked out $28 million, will sit next to a great big window, will fly up around 100 kilometres right to the point when deep space begins and will experience three minutes of weightlessness. Let's hope the winner has a strong bladder; one of the prerequisites is that they can sit strapped in for 90 minutes without needing to follow the call of nature.

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