, December 08, 2022

Ambee is using AI and data for good!

  •   6 min reads
Ambee is using AI and data for good!

AI and data can not merely be forces for good; together, AI and data can save lives. One AI company doing this is Ambee, a company that applies what it calls environmental intelligence to create cleaner air and help people make decisions that could improve health or even save lives.

"Thanks for saving our child's life," said one caller.

"People have a basic right to know what they are breathing," says Akshay Joshi, co-founder of AI and environmental intelligence company Ambee. From that information, they can make decisions — like where they live, or when and where their kids can go outside to play. Schools can change timetables, medics can create better outcomes, pharmaceutical companies can develop treatments... well, the list goes on. From individuals to health insurance companies, from hospitals to pharmaceutical companies, from local government to business, environmental intelligence can be beneficial. But first, we need to go back to the beginning and consider a little boy living in Bangalore who felt highly ill at certain times but whose condition was mystifying doctors.

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